September 16, 2019 1 min read

I organized the Knitter’s Club to give back to my community. We knit special gowns used in newborn care for hospitals here and abroad. We love our volunteer work, our meetings together and helping others.

I also have arthritis and without MEDISTIK I wouldn’t be able to knit at all. It helps me stay active in my community and to give back to others.

We knit bereavement gowns used by local hospitals when a newborn passes to provide greater dignity for the child, and to show our love for grieving parents. We also knit pneumonia vests that are sent to hospitals overseas and given to children to help them overcome illness.

We’ve had a great response to our work. We have dozens of women knitting over 100 gowns a month. Women in our group knit together and from their own homes. We meet once a week for a laugh and some home-baked goodies. We’d love you to join us. Find out more at my Facebook page and our Knitter’s Club Facebook group page.

Helen Brukner, Community Organizer