September 16, 2019 1 min read

Callum is a young Canadian, born and raised in Toronto, who is pursuing his dreams as a professional ballet dancer in London, England. Callum has worked exceedingly hard throughout his youth to bring him to this point in his life. Callum trains constantly and performs in several ballets a year. Since moving to England the extreme rigors of his profession have resulted in a severe strain on his limbs and constant pain in his shins. Callum started using MEDISTIK to keep himself active, in top form, and to help him stay focused on his dream.

"As a professional dancer at the Royal Ballet, I train constantly. I get extreme shin pain from high impact jumping and carrying that make it difficult to get through a practice or performance. I rely on MEDISTIK. I use it on everything and its always super effective. I really can't get by without it." Callum Findlay-White

Callum is a big fan in MEDISTIK and we are watching his career unfold with high hopes for his future.

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