Our Story

Ruza Jelinkova created MEDISTIK after discovering that most topical analgesics only provided temporary pain relief and were packed with fillers and non-medical ingredients. 

Suffering from acute and chronic pain, Ruza was also concerned about the side effects of oral and prescription pain medications. She was certain there had to be a better and more complete approach to pain management.

In 2006, after extensive research and consultations with medical practitioners, scientists, and labs, Ruza established Nautureteq Inc. and launched MEDISTIK in Canada through the country's leading healthcare clinics. 

Ruza expanded the line to include three formulations that are now used and sold in over 3,500 professional health clinics and hundreds of pharmacies and retail stores throughout Canada, Europe, and Australia. 

Driven by vision and determination to enable people to perform at their best by freeing them from the constraints of pain, Ruza embodies the spirit that is MEDISTIK.